Recharge your batteries and take a break from the hectic pace of life! Visit Royal Parade Spa and book a blissful body spa treatment with one of our expertly trained therapists.

Body Brushing

Luxurious body brushing – add on to any massage.

A luxury body brushing treatment to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and remove dead skin cells. A perfect way to compliment a relaxing massage.

Duration and Price
(15mins) £16.00

Aromatic Exfoliation Rituals

A full body exfoliation treatment.

Full body exfoliation using fruit seeds for revitalising silky smooth skin – finishing with an all over application of soothing body milk.

Duration and price
(45mins) £50.00

Perfect Contour

Full body exfoliation. Application of body mask that is tightening, firming and toning. Targets cellulite on thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks. Followed with an application of soothing body milk.

Duration and price
(1hr) £72.00

Perfect Back

A purifying deep cleanse, body brushing, exfoliation, treatment mask and application of moisturiser.

A powerful back treatment to relieve you of everyday aches and pains. This treatment will remove dead skin cells, increase circulation, leave the skin smooth and soft and will absorb products even deeper into the skin. The perfect way to achieve clear and smooth skin on that hard to reach area.

Duration and price
(45mins) £55.00

Hopi Ear Candles

A unique holistic ear candling treatment.

Traditional ear candling treatment descending from the ancient Hopi tribe. We carry out the ear candling in a professional environment in compliance with full safety standards.