I had a Lash Perfect Lash Extensions and have awarded it 5 stars.
Hayley (Wahanda Online Review)
Really nice professional salon, enjoyed hot stone massage & light treatment on my back. Rebooked & went back for other massage treatments as couldn't fault anything! Would strongly recommend.
Tilly C (Wahanda Online Review)
My hot stone massage was so relaxing, but at the same time my therapist really worked on my problem areas and I loved the body balm she used! The staff were super friendly and professional. The salon itself was very classy. I will defiantly be back again!
Clare1983 (Wahanda Online Review)
As a birthday treat I booked myself in for a luxury facial together with a specialised eye treatment. As I thought I deserved the full works, I also booked waxing followed by a luxury manicure and pampering luxury pedicure. Pure and utter BLISS! [Except for the waxing, which, lets face it is not exactly a 'blissful' treat, more a necessity.] As a returning customer I was aware that the Salon's specialised facials include a relaxing hand and/or foot massage (depending on the treatment/time), but they always begin with a gentle and astonishing foot/back alignment pull, followed by a relaxing shoulder and upper back massage. Lovely complementary inclusions, not offered at other Salons I have frequently in the past, but visit no more. My Therapist was well-groomed, genial and courteous. All in all, an all-round pleasurable experience and one I cannot recommend highly enough. I will definitely be booking again.
ElizaH (Wahanda Online Review)
Adding serum to oily skin seems counter intuitive – but, far from exacerbating the problem, the right blend can work wonders” I was told by my Therapist. She then went on to give me examples but, if I’m truthful I can only remember the one I could relate to, being “ylang ylang helps regulate sebum”. She then went on to explain something quite simple but will stay with me for a long time and that was to think of facial serums as the ‘food’ for skin and moisturisers the ‘water’. Skin needs both to keep it soft and supple, so it made sense when my Therapist demonstrated how to apply the serum: applying the oil to three fingers of one hand by placing the tip of a finger as a plug and tripping the bottle up quickly; quickly rubbing the tips of the corresponding fingers of each hand together; tapping the fingers over the face, then gently massaging in. She then followed this with a moisturiser, which I was told, acts like a protective seal. I was told to apply cautiously, only using as much serum as your skin needs – usually three or four small drops is enough. It should sink in quickly, so is your skin looks greasy ten minutes later, you’ve used too much.
Claire Morris, Client of The Royal Parade Beauty
I have been a regular client of the Royal Parade Beauty Spa for many years now, seeing the change of ownership and witnessing the exciting changes that have been implemented since. It has been a real pleasure watching the new owners grow the business, seeing the positivity and new life they have injected into the Spa. The things I love most about The Royal Parade is that you’re always welcomed with a warm friendly smile accompanied with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. After every treatment I always leave feeling well pampered and cared for. The treatments are always carried out to a very high standard, all the therapists are amazing, I don’t mind which one I have! All the therapists are very thorough with their consultations; I really do feel that they are listening to my concerns and requirements. I know that they are providing the best treatments to improve my worries. Since visiting the Royal Parade I can honestly say I feel 100 times better in myself, gaining more confidence and generally feeling so much more happier in myself too. Royal Parade is a very accommodating Spa, they always have plenty of therapists in and there opening hours make it very easy to book an appointment. They also offer a 10% rebooking scheme which I think is fantastic, an offer I always take advantage of!! I very much look forward to being a client of Royal Parade for many more years to come, continuing to watch the business and therapists grow from strength the strength. I can’t wait to see what other ideas/changes they have planned for the future!
Rebecca Hedges
Staff here was very helpful with the booking and really made the experience relaxing from the moment you walk in to the reception. My therapist told me about all the products she used on me and talked me through all the benefits and really hit the spot during the massage. It was a blissful hour. Would definitely come again. Thank you.
Juicybean (Wahanda Online Review)
Just returned from having a great massage and facial done at the salon - staff is very welcoming and attentive. Listened to my needs and concerns patiently and tailored the facial accordingly. Loved the products being used for my treatment too as always have been a big fan of Decleor. The place is chic and clean, will definitely return again.
Shaquarius (Wahanda Online Review)